Advanced MICA Water Mitigation Management Provides Real-Time Audit of Drying Data

During the overnight shift at a food handling facility, the sewer system clogs. By the time employees shut down packing lines and restrict flow into drains, black water has soaked highly absorbent wallboard, surrounded inventoried foodstuffs and sent contamination through the ventilation system. Because the facility handles food, manufacturing must cease until the spill and its effects are completely restored. Time is ticking – and produce is spoiling – quickly as machinery lies idle.

Paul Davis is on the scene within two hours, deploying a powerful new software platform. Accessible via web and mobile apps, the software speeds large loss water mitigation projects. Known as the Mitigation Industry Control Application, or MICA, this program allows everyone involved in the cleanup to upload pictures, record data, automate calculations, eliminate paperwork, access equipment specifications and automatically create reports. Insurance companies and adjusters – who use MICA to view job data, access reports, manage budgets and audit progress – find that the system reduces cycle times and costs for settling claims.

The system is particularly useful to support the drying process in projects like this one. With a mobile device, tablet or laptop, Paul Davis water restoration specialists record moisture mappings directly into the device, storing initial readings as baseline and adding new measurements at intervals as drying proceeds. Collecting and tracking moisture readings in real time enables Paul Davis team members to pinpoint higher moisture problem areas, record drying progress, estimate time to completion and certify dryness levels as projects conclude. For the food handling facility, MICA’s moisture reading capabilities gets lines running sooner in a dry space that’s again safe for perishable products.

Because this type of accessible, shared data system is revolutionizing the industry, Paul Davis is an early adopter and enthusiastic advocate. “We always strive to bring the very latest technologies in water mitigation and restoration to our large loss clients,” says J. Murphy, Paul Davis Senior Vice President of Operations. “MICA is proving to be very, very useful in measuring results, speeding restoration and getting our customers back in business sooner.”