When fire severely damages a high-rise building in a dense urban center, it’s clear that mitigation and restoration activities will be challenging. When that building houses vulnerable seniors already stressed by the city’s recent public unrest on top of a pandemic, it’s a given that most mitigation and restoration companies won’t be equal to those challenges. Paul Davis, on the other hand, relished the chance to showcase how its preparation, technical capabilities and logistical expertise deliver extraordinary customer care.

The first challenge Paul Davis addressed was reassuring the distressed seniors by promising a return home as soon as possible. “We set a very aggressive six-month timeframe to restore 80 affected condos, from the 11th floor down,” says Andy Banas, Emergency Response Team Leader for Paul Davis of Greater St. Paul and Minneapolis, who adds that the lack of fire-proof barriers increased damage to the 40-year-old concrete structure. “We have maintained a swift pace while coordinating effectively among a long list of partners – insurance companies, condominium associations, local officials and subcontractors.” 

The second challenge Paul Davis confronted: safeguarding the health and safety of all parties on a complicated project during the pandemic. Paul Davis personnel utilized abundant personal protective equipment to outfit the numerous workers completing demolition, decontamination and rebuilding: hundreds of N95 masks and gloves a month, many Tyvek suits and gallons of disinfectant. They followed the company’s strict procedures and guidelines to reduce contamination risks. They leveraged new technologies to reduce personal contact including cutting-edge software that maps spaces virtually in addition to virtual conferencing platforms.  

Paul Davis teams also put the company’s new comprehensive TouchLessService™ protocols into action. These protocols specify protective equipment types and rules, surface treatment instructions and social distancing requirements. They outline communication strategies, health checks, wellness surveys and intake questionnaires so technicians and customers thoroughly understand how projects will move forward safely. The protocols decrease touchpoints between customers and our team members, too. For instance, new signature and electronic document technologies eliminate the need to share devices or writing implements. In sum, the protocols strictly control viral risks for employees, partners and customers from first contact through project completion.

Paul Davis is on track to finish the complex project on time. It’s been a boon to displaced seniors, and it turns out, for Paul Davis teams as well. “This has been a great opportunity for our employees to bond around a unique project and contribute in new ways,” says Andy Banas. “It will stick with me forever how we lived out our brand promise. People in that community love us for the level of service we delivered and we love them right back.”

To learn more about TouchLessService, call your local Paul Davis office or 844-215-7898 for more information.