As the sun starts its annual trip north of the equator, expectations of warmer days can blind us to the possibility … and potential effects … of colliding air masses in springtime. As we welcome sunnier weather, Mother Nature has the ability to cause sweeping damage in the blink of an eye. The effects differ widely throughout North America, but the result is that sudden and severe storms can wreak havoc, bringing hail, tornadoes, wind shears and heavy rains. The resulting damage can seem overwhelming.


After a storm passes, your first instinct may be to breathe a sigh of relief. After you do, it’s wise to do a bit of checking around your property to see what, if any, damage has occurred. The good news is that many people before you have been through bad weather and made it out on the other side. Take the time necessary and apply a watchful eye as you check out the following hazards to your home or business.


  • Standing water – be careful, it could be deeper than you think. If it doesn’t drain naturally in a short period of time, consider pumping it to nearby storm drains.
  • Gas leaks – the telltale odour of the harmless chemical mercaptan is added to natural gas to give it its distinctive odour. Think rotten eggs or a hydrogen sulfide-like odour. Natural gas is too dangerous to fool with, so call the gas utility immediately since any open flame or spark may trigger an explosion.
  • Downed power lines – far too many unsuspecting people have been injured or killed when power lines fall. And electricity and standing water are a deadly combination – stay at least three meters away.
  • Broken glass, exposed nails and scattered debris – they represent a multitude of risks for injury. Boots and gloves along with careful cleanup will lessen the risk of injury.


Once you inspect your property for damage, you might discover the need for mitigation and repairs. Hiring a qualified specialist company like Paul Davis helps to make the work go faster and the repairs far better. You’ll want to speak with your insurance agent about your coverage, and a restoration company such as Paul Davis is a tremendous help in dealing with the specifics of claims and reimbursements. Be sure to ask questions such as whether storm damage to your vehicle is covered, too.


Damage to your home or business after a storm is far less stressful if you keep a cool head and get the right help. Professionals at your local Paul Davis office, merely a phone call away, are ready to assist you day or night. Call 800-661-5975.