Is Mould Testing a Smart Idea for Commercial Property Owners?

Nearly every single test for mould discovers mould spores. Why? Because these fungi are earth’s most important recyclers and wherever they find adequate moisture, they happily – and usually harmlessly - munch leftovers in natural and indoor environments. Unless your property is a specially built and scrupulously maintained clean room, you probably will never eradicate mould – it’s even found on the International Space Station and in the hottest deserts.

Knowing it’s so common, should commercial property owners test for mould? That depends. Mould becomes a problem only when there is too much of it. In commercial buildings, mould overgrowth occurs in places that collect too much moisture such as air conditioning ductwork, trash chutes and around water leaks from pipes, fixtures or into the building envelope. Sometimes overgrowth is obvious to the eye and nose: drawn by a mouldy smell, you discover a patch of greenish mould in the bathroom under a dripping sink valve. Other mould problems flourish out of sight with faint or no odour clues: behind the wall, for example, fed by a failing roof.

If there is no reason to suspect a problem, many experts believe that commercial property owners need not test regularly for mould. They do recommend regular vigilance, however, and seeking prompt assistance if mould is suspected. Schedule professional mould inspection and testing if:

  • There is no visual evidence of mould but the smell of mould is present.
  • There has been a history of leaks or standing water issues.
  • Tenants complain of allergy or health symptoms that could be caused by mould such as sneezing, coughing and headaches.
  • Tenants suspect mould issues or are unsure whether mould may be present.
  • To support real estate transactions.

Though most types of mould aren’t harmful, confirmed mould problems at commercial properties nearly always require experts to eradicate it safely, quickly and completely in a manner that contains the infestation, restores affected areas and prevents future growth. Retain professional help for any mould infestation that is more than a few feet in diameter; related to flooding or water damage; inside ventilation or heating systems or inside walls.

Reputable, trained and knowledgeable commercial mould removal services like Paul Davis bring superior capabilities that simply aren’t attainable by building maintenance staff. Paul Davis’s highly effective approaches include industrial-grade drying equipment, containment of affected areas, removal of contaminated materials, safe disinfectants and antimicrobials to prevent future mould growth and many other related services.

Grappling with suspected or confirmed mould problems at your commercial property? Call Paul Davis because This Is No Time For Second Best®.