For each property owner who suffered losses in the 2019 fire season, many of their neighbours were luckier: flames passed close by but did not scorch possessions. Finding their structures still standing, these owners breathed a sigh of relief, then quickly realized that all wasn’t well. Flames spared their belongings but deposited layers of soot and ash. 

If not quickly removed, these substances rapidly cause lasting and irreversible damage. “Every surface exposed to smoke and ash requires immediate professional treatment because soot and ash are acidic and can degrade materials within hours,” says Leslie Anderson, Vice President, Training and Launch for Paul Davis, who adds that smoke odours barely perceptible now can surge in damp weather, too. “Restoration professionals should evaluate these properties promptly after a fire passes.”

In the aftermath of a devastating fire nearby, those narrowly escaping the flames often hesitate to ask for critical help. They may feel their challenges are trivial compared to neighbours who lost everything. Those who do seek assistance for smoke and soot damage may get no response from local restoration companies because their crews are taxed to the limit.

Paul Davis always answers the phone – 24 hours a day, seven days a week and every day of the year – and promises to arrive onsite within four hours of a call for help, no matter the level of damage the property has experienced. The company’s dense web of locations and partners across North America enables it to rapidly mobilize the personnel, equipment and expertise throughout its entire network to handle all levels of need even in extensive fire disasters.

“Our company is organized and managed specifically to help all customers exposed to any level of a disaster,” Anderson emphasizes, ”unlike smaller local companies that quickly exhaust their capabilities. We have the resources and people to respond rapidly, evaluate your property and protect you against future losses.”

If a fire passes your property and coats your siding with a fine layer of ash? If your office smells of smoke after a nearby wildfire burns? If your landscaping is coated with gray grit after an office building burns next door? Don’t hose it off, or spray air freshener and hope for the best. Call Paul Davis instead. Call 800-661-5975 anytime 24/7/365.