Paul Davis’ Corporate Operations Team Focuses on Large Complex Loss Incidents

Concerned about what would happen if a flood, fire, tornado or hurricane struck your commercial property? Worry no more. Paul Davis National (PDN), the corporate operations team, focuses specifically on mitigating and restoring complex large loss incidents that the hundreds of local Paul Davis offices cannot service. Art Dickerson, President of the Commercial Group at Paul Davis, answered questions about the new group, formed in early 2019.

Q: Where will PDN operate?

AD: PDN utilizes the vast Paul Davis network of offices as a first wave while it rapidly deploys a mobile team after a complex loss occurs; so its location is flexible depending on need. Our goal is to provide immediate and complete response for any type of large loss at a commercial customer’s location anywhere in North America. The group is particularly helpful for areas that aren’t served by local Paul Davis locations or for losses that are highly complex or large.

Why is a group like this the best way to handle these large loss situations? 

AD: Many variables could delay the large loss recovery processes unless you’re fully prepared to mount a concentrated effort across all fronts simultaneously. PDN delivers exceptional skill sets – better resources, better equipment access, better communication, better mobilization of subcontractors, centralized tracking, better coordination with insurance carriers – that comprehensively address large loss projects rapidly. That’s critical because a shuttered business is tremendously expensive. Manufacturing plants, for example, can costs upwards of $20 million for every day they can’t function.

How does the group intersect with local Paul Davis offices?

AD: Average local Paul Davis offices are three to four times bigger than an average restoration company. Unlike our competitors, Paul Davis has a higher threshold for handling large losses locally before having to call in PDN. This allows commercial clients to get a cost effective recovery, but when needed, PDN steps in to ensure the mitigation and restoration are seamless.

What types of large losses does the group handle? 

AD: PDN has experience with large and/or complex losses in every property type. A few examples are: office buildings, educational facilities, manufacturing plants, hospitals, hotels/hospitality, churches and more. PDN routinely restores multi-million dollar losses on budget and ahead of schedule.

Q: Who staffs the group? 

AD: We’ve assigned a talented group of professionals, spread across the United States and Canada, to interface with customers immediately as a central contact when large losses occur. They coordinate with a Quality Assurance team, again staffed with experienced commercial loss professionals, that evaluates the extent of the loss, assesses recovery options, and steers the mitigation and restoration projects as they are assigned to additional Paul Davis teams. Together, these team members are exceptionally proficient at handling highly complex losses.

Q: Does PDN help commercial customers with preparedness? 

AD: We do! We provide a big range of preparation, much of it free of charge. We conduct site surveys to capture the information necessary to reduce recovery time, offer three levels of training for customers’ staff, integrate our operations with their business continuity team, map locations for early catastrophe warning/planning, conduct pre-loss coordination with their broker and so much more. PDN really is a single source solution that protects your business before, during and after a large loss.

Would you like to hear more about how PDN will handle a large, complex loss at your commercial facility? Call today: 1-844-215-7898.