This is No Time for Second Best™

What do you value most? For most people the answer would be my family, my home, and my peace of mind. Anything that threatens family, home and peace of mind can turn our lives upside down.

Paul Davis understands the emotional toll of disaster. Being experts at disaster cleanup and restoration, we are keenly aware of what our customers are going through during extremely stressful times.  Their life and that of their family have been disrupted, and they are faced with what feels like, at the time, an overwhelming dilemma: Where do I start?

Thousands of North American homeowners faced with a disaster, big or small, rely on Paul Davis to bring back their peace of mind. Feedback has consistently pointed to thoughtful customer service combined with excellent work as essential components of a positive experience during times of property restoration and remediation. Indeed, from a customer’s first phone call, Paul Davis provides:

  •        Rapid response to disasters of all sizes, and emergency disaster service 24/7
  •        Direct communication and coordination with a homeowner’s property insurance company
  •        Cleanup, remediation, and reconstruction that’s needed to help restore a home to normal

Knowing who to call first can make all the difference. This is No Time for Second Best™ is meaningful for people who suddenly find they need emergency restoration services for the first time, and it’s a reminder to past Paul Davis customers of the confidence, care and comfort they experienced when Paul Davis stepped in to make their house feel like home again. The efforts of all Paul Davis employees are centered on this core belief: only the best will do when Paul Davis is chosen.

Family. Home. Peace of mind. This is No Time for Second Best™