Springtime Weather Threats No One Can Afford to Ignore

Throughout Canada, many of us collectively look forward to Springtime, Mother Nature’s most amazing transition period of the year. As trees, flowers, crops, and longer, gentler days blossom, so too do lingering seasonal severe weather threats. The wondrous transition often arrives with dangerous changeover situations. Thunderstorms and tornadoes, heavy, wet-spring… Read more »

How Susceptible To Fire Is Your Business?

“Fires are terrifying, expensive and, for many businesses, fatal,” says Richard Green, President, Paul Davis Ottawa, Ontario. “There’s a long list of reasons why companies can’t recover: customers find new sources before repairs finish, suppliers find other outlets, talented personnel leave, communities form new habits. But the precipitating factor is… Read more »

Nine Home Safety Tips For Power Outages

Power outages can happen no matter where you are located in Canada. Fortunately, most are brief, but some last far longer. Twenty years have passed since a massive outage struck grids in Ontario, darkening Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, Sudbury, Kitchener, London and Windsor for up to four days. Between increasingly violent weather… Read more »