Before the COVID-19 virus limitations began, we were hard at work volunteering our people, expertise and funding for worthy causes large and small. We look forward to volunteering anew as soon as possible for causes like these:  

Helping Kids with Cancer: Paul Davis has supported the Child Cancer Fund for many years, and the results are in for recent efforts: a sizable group of employees helped raise $230,000 for the organization by manning the phones at the WOKV Care-a-Thon. “At Paul Davis, we believe in serving people in their time of need. This extends beyond the restoration space and into the communities we love,” says Thomas Sirk, a Paul Davis Compliance Specialist. “It was a true blessing to support a cause that offers encouragement to people going through hard times.” Since its inception in 1994, the CCF has accompanied families in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia through the challenges of childhood cancer.

Putting Generation W Funding on Board: Paul Davis team members, who believe wholeheartedly in Generation W’s goals, are active year-round in this important Jacksonville, Florida-based organization that focuses on educating, inspiring and connecting women and girls to build community. Recently, we joined forces with members of the organization to mulch the entrance and parking lot of a center for victims of violence, then moved on to completing administrative tasks. We also pitched in to help out with mission-critical activities at a local youth center.  

Teaching CPR and First Aid to Schools: Paul Davis of Greater Birmingham, Alabama, reached out to teach free CPR and First Aid classes to a group that may deploy lifesaving skills at a moment’s notice: local school administrators, coaches, teachers, firemen and other community leaders. The franchise leveraged the success they’ve had offering continuing education classes in their offices on these topics. Training meets a real need in our local communities: global statistics show that educating people to perform CPR and first aid increases survival rates, yet less than a third of people are prepared to do so.

We continue to expand our Social Purpose Initiative, as you can see on our social purpose calendar. Check back soon for the resumption of our efforts at the local and grassroots events that Paul Davis, its franchisees, and our sister companies support.