Every school year, wildly enthusiastic crowds throng college sports arenas to cheer on favorite teams. When flash flood waters breached a major midwestern university’s sports facility recently, it’s an understatement to say that people were concerned and disappointed about impacts on the season.

As soon as officials shut the doors for repairs, the pressure was on for Paul Davis to take action rapidly and effectively. “We had less than two weeks to complete restoration,” explains Brady Chuckel, Owner of Paul Davis of Southeast Wisconsin. “An insurance delay allowed mould to grow, which expanded our project scope as well. Planning, organization and applied technology were keys to timely success.”

Chuckel, Project Coordinator Carlos Martinez and Project Manager Hugo Rivas further detailed the extraordinary care they delivered to the institution.

Martinez: Our original scope had been to mitigate water damage in the nearby locker room. There, we removed the vinyl base, removed wet drywall and insulation from insulated walls, applied anti-microbial products and set up drying equipment. Additional work took place in the arena. There, we removed the affected flooring system, treated microbial growth and created a moisture containment system using lumber, poly sheeting, tape and parachute cord. The set-up featured filtered penetrations to allow airflow when necessary. 

Rivas: For the duration of the project, we held daily meetings at 11am. The Paul Davis project coordinator and project manager, the arena risk manager, and the facilities director attended these meetings. We also invited the insurance adjuster and industrial hygienist. We discussed daily moisture readings, the status of the demolition, and the executive summary from the previous evening. At the end of every workday we sent an executive summary that included how many personnel were on-site, work completed, tasks in progress, and a moving forward section with tasks to be scheduled.

Chuckel: Twenty-person teams worked very long days to complete this important project on time. Originally, the administration had hired a different contractor instead of Paul Davis. We jumped in the same day when that company was unexpectedly unavailable. I’m very proud of our team’s performance, results and ability to do stellar work on extremely short notice. I think I can speak for the customer and my colleagues when I say go team!