Paul Davis ‘Employer of Choice’

The most important resource that Paul Davis brings to every project is people: its passionate, knowledgeable, well-trained, empathetic, exceptional employees. The company, which is growing quickly, has carefully crafted a work environment that attracts and retains top talent like Kali Freeland, its Director of Talent and Strategic Change.

Freeland spoke with us recently about her career at Paul Davis and why working with the company has been her dream job for 14 years. Several prominent themes emerged as she spoke.

Growth: “I’ve worn many different hats at Paul Davis since I started in May 2007 as operations coordinator. I’ve scheduled people for training, worked with the emergency services and remodeling department, and helped our quality assurance department expand into a real asset that differentiates us from our competitors. I joined our business development team to help build partner programs and relationships with carriers. In another position, I advised Paul Davis locations on how to market themselves in their territory. Paul Davis gave me a wide variety of really satisfying opportunities to gain and practice and share new skills.”

Learning: “Paul Davis invested in my education. Since joining the company, I’ve acquired degrees and certifications that help me every day on the job: on diversity, equity and inclusion, leadership development, conflict resolution and insurance industry processes.”

Meaning: “I’ve found that people who love working at Paul Davis truly love serving people at work and in their communities. I very much enjoy leading some of the social purpose activities we do: environmental cleanups, special needs support, cancer research fundraising, helping underrepresented people, coordinating with groups like the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. We encourage employees: do what you love when you volunteer and this company will support you in those charitable endeavors.”

Partnership: “Much of my day-to-day work now involves helping our employees be the best people they can be: I coach, hold skill-building and talent development events, organize social purpose initiatives and design engagement activities from crafting to trivia contests to virtual social gatherings. It’s wonderful to see how strongly Paul Davis supports people so they can reach their highest potential. It’s been an amazing place to spend 14 years.”

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