Why Paul Davis Employs Ultrasonic Washing Systems

Stop in at your nearest community jeweller and the proprietors may offer to clean your rings for free. A few minutes in a special device quickly removes the grime that accumulates as we go about our daily lives. Dried off after their high-tech bath, the metal and stones shine brilliantly. 

This is a small demonstration of the amazing results that ultrasonic cleaning technology produces. Paul Davis employs it to return treasured possessions to nearly brand-new condition after fires and floods have soiled them. 

Ultrasonic cleaning harnesses a spectrum of sound frequencies – a range spanning 20,000 to 100,000 cycles per second that humans can’t hear –  to dislodge soot, germs, grime and other contamination from materials. Soiled items are loaded into an ultrasonic machine, which looks like a large industrial washing machine, and immersed in a cleaning solution. The machine then agitates the items while sending ultrasonic waves through the mixture. Ultrasonic waves generate millions of bubbles that gently bombard the soiled items, churning through and against every surface to lift off dirt and contaminants. The physical bubble action also leverages the power of the cleaning solutions.

“We vary the frequencies of the sound waves to perfectly suit the materials we are processing,” says Rebecca Robinson, Contents Manager for Paul Davis in Tampa, Florida. “Higher frequencies produce smaller bubbles that are very gentle for fragile items. We also choose cleaners very carefully, making sure they match soil type, are pH-balanced and hold contaminants in suspension until the cleaning liquid can be drained away.” Water temperature varies according to the soil and item.

Ultrasonic cleaning is particularly useful for items with intricate designs, recesses or hidden areas - items that would otherwise require laborious and less effective hand-cleaning with brushes and other mechanical tools. The technology excels at treating items like hats, heirloom garments and embroidered bags. Children who have experienced disasters are thrilled when their stuffed animals emerge looking nearly new after ultrasonic treatment. The furry friends return sooner, too: this method cleans much faster than more traditional means.

This advanced cleaning technology is just one of the many techniques Paul Davis employs to restore items to pristine pre-loss condition; in fact, the company completely restores 85 percent of the items that it treats, whether they have been affected by fire, water or mould.

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