Paul Davis Expert Speaks to Concerns About Black Mould In Canada

Lately there has been a lot of talk about mould in Canada—specifically black mould. But while these words tend to instill fear in Canadians, they shouldn’t. It’s true that some moulds can result in serious problems if left untreated. It’s also true that mould can easily thrive in any areas of your home or office where water damage exists—including inside walls or under carpets. However, becoming more educated about black mould can help you battle it. After all, the best way to remain safe is to stay informed.

The media associates black mould with big problems—but that’s not always the case. “Black moulds are from the species Stachybotrys chartarum and can usually be found growing on and consuming materials such as wood and cardboard, which are made from the cell walls of green plants,” says Leslie Anderson, Paul Davis Corporate Vice President. “These moulds aren’t themselves toxic but can produce more mycotoxins than most other types of mould.”

Because black mould is a type of mould known to produce more mycotoxins than other mould forms, it has gotten a bad reputation. Although it’s true that mycotoxins can produce symptoms in humans like dizziness, fatigue, hives, and even asthma, it’s the mycotoxins causing those symptoms—not black mould itself. According to science, there’s a lot more that goes into producing mycotoxins than simply a good source of food and a dark, damp space. So if you suspect black mould in your home or building, there’s no reason to panic.

That said, mould is unsightly—and it can cause allergy-like symptoms such as runny nose, itchy eyes, and respiratory troubles. So if you’ve found or suspect mould on your property, finding cleanup services such as those offered through Paul Davis is always a safe bet. Because when mould is found, This Is No Time For Second Best™. The most important thing to remember is that most moulds aren’t dangerous to humans. That doesn’t mean you should leave mould untreated—it only means that you shouldn’t panic if you suspect mould in your home or business.