It’s a well-known fact that the most successful companies are those that build the best partnerships. Nowhere is this truer than choosing a partner to help when a fire, flood, storm or other disaster hits. These unpredictable and catastrophic events damage your property and disrupt operations instantly – and if handled incorrectly, they inflict lasting negative impacts over months or years. Sadly, 40 percent of businesses permanently close after disaster strikes.

Protect your company and keep the doors open with the Paul Davis First Priority® Program, created specifically to help businesses restore facilities, maintain revenue streams and return to productivity quickly. “As a First Priority member, you’re a top priority to help when disaster hits,” explains Art Dickerson, Paul Davis President – Commercial who emphasizes that this is a no-cost service for commercial customers. “Your recovery starts sooner, has more certainty and proceeds more quickly. No need to search for and manage available, qualified contractors when help is scarce in the affected area – you know that expert Paul Davis technicians will be there fast and work hard until you’re back to business as usual.” Dickerson notes that Paul Davis First Priority teams specialize in meeting the needs of risk managers, property managers, facility directors and insurance carriers. 

Paul Davis First Priority specialists work with your company before, during and after catastrophic events, following a comprehensive four-step process tailored to your specific business needs:

  1. Pre-Loss Planning: As soon as you join the program, our professionals meet with your team to design a custom plan that will help minimize loss and damage if a disaster strikes. If necessary for planning, our experts will train your personnel at no cost.
  2. Business Continuity Planning:  Highly trained First Priority professionals develop detailed plans to keep your business operations on track throughout mitigation and restoration – a critical step toward retaining employees and customer trust while supporting long-term business health.
  3. Expedited Mitigation Response: Our large network of offices across the nation ensures that a team of professional mitigation experts begins working with you immediately.
  4. Single Source Accountability: When a disaster hits, you deal with only one source for all your restoration needs. Our team is fully equipped with a centralized system to standardize response and maintain exceptional communication. No more worrying about keeping track of several different contractors.
  5. Multi-Site Planning and Response – If needed, our teams manage emergency needs across your network of locations, collaborating with property managers and facilities directors at each to meet site-specific needs efficiently.

In most parts of the country, it’s not a question of whether disasters will strike; it’s a question of when. 

Get ready now and enjoy peace of mind if disaster threatens: join the Paul Davis First Priority® Program by contacting us at 1-888-222-4122. This Is No Time for Second Best®