Paul Davis Follows Latest Guidelines for COVID-19 Cleanup

With the coronavirus, there is much we still don’t know. We are unsure exactly how long the virus lives on different surfaces though evidence suggests it remains viable for days on non-porous materials. We don’t know how long the air inside a room with a coronavirus victim remains infectious though it probably depends on the size of the room, ventilation and how long the victim stayed there. As scientists and governments research the virus, its habits and effects, they will answer these questions in time. 

But the current uncertainty – when many unknowns exist that won’t be resolved until after response begins – is very familiar territory for Paul Davis. Unknowns are a given in nearly any mitigation response, whether a flood harms structural integrity or a fire spreads asbestos. The company’s current policies are sound and suit the evolving COVID-19 response very well: choose the most protective actions and continually seek new information to further guide and tailor response.

“The health and safety of our customers and employees are the highest priorities when we respond to any request for help, “says Leslie Anderson,  Vice President of Training. . “When we face those inevitable uncertainties, procedures always begin with the highest level of protection and care. As response continues, we carefully adjust as we seek out, find and verify information from trusted, expert sources. Cleaning properties during the COVID-19 pandemic follows a very familiar routine for our teams. We have the capacity, personnel, training, equipment and materials to safely and effectively respond exactly as needed anywhere we are called to respond.”

As recommended protocols for cleaning continue to change, Paul Davis diligently monitors updates from the Public Health Agency of Canada, the World Health Organization, and medical professionals to ensure all necessary precautions. Additionally, the company monitors and implements guidance from local, provincial and national health agencies, and uses qualified and government-approved chemicals designated under emerging viral pathogen policies.

The company’s highly trained technicians employ a variety of proven cleaning methodologies to treat areas that may contain the virus. If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19, the company follows its biohazard trauma protocol, which includes full body personal protective equipment with respirators and very stringent operating, equipment handling and debris disposal procedures. For those areas at unknown risk of virus contamination, technicians use multiple passes with ultra-low volume foggers to apply disinfectants. They also manually clean high-traffic surfaces like doorknobs, elevator and door access buttons, handrails and horizontal surfaces. The company’s disinfectants are specifically selected for effectiveness against this type of virus.

Every employee at the company also keeps customers and colleagues safe by following all recommended social distancing guidelines for any in person contacts. At the time of this writing, these guidelines include staying six feet away from others, avoiding group gatherings – team meetings for projects are conducted virtually, for example – and donning masks.

Does your location need cleaning or an application of a disinfectant following a known or suspected COVID-19 exposure or prior to reopening? Call Paul Davis at 844.215.7898 or visit us on the web at