Sometimes, the disaster bearing down on us is invisible. It arrives suddenly and is among us before we even realize the danger. That has been the case with the worldwide rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus. As people, communities and countries grapple with its substantial impacts and struggle to slow infections, our locations across North America are responding proactively. While conditions change daily, we are leveraging our tremendous resources and talented personnel to reduce danger, provide comfort and increase certainty for all customers during this very challenging time.

Here’s how we’re responding and serving customers during this very difficult time:

  • Cleaning and applying disinfectant in both residential and commercial properties on request. A full-time team of cleaning experts can respond day or night to properly apply disinfectant to materials and surfaces in community spaces as a critical step in safeguarding public health when coronavirus cases are found or simply as a preventative measure.
  • Performing preemptive cleaning and emergency disinfection and decontamination after a coronavirus outbreak. We have the resources and advanced tools like electrostatic foggers and disinfectants to provide peace of mind after a workspace or residence has been exposed.
  • Continuously monitoring and implementing guidance from local, state and national health agencies, and using qualified and approved chemicals designated by emerging viral pathogen policies.
  • Thoroughly protecting customers and employees. Safety comes first during Paul Davis biohazardous cleaning jobs such as treating COVID-19 and other substances and germs that pose a risk to human health or the environment. Unlike typical home cleaning service providers, our disinfecting teams wear full protective apparels, including respirators and biohazard suits to perform disinfection and decontamination services.

Further, we are exercising good hygiene and appropriate social distancing recommendations as we work everywhere every day in our office and on your properties: 

  • Frequently cleaning touch-intensive surfaces.
  • Washing hands frequently for 20 seconds and using hand sanitizer when available.
  • Keeping a safe distance between ourselves and others.
  • Utilizing shoe covers, greeting from a distance and wearing face masks if necessary.
  • Advising others of our health status before entering a property.
  • Getting information from customers before our visit: asking if anyone on the property has health issues and finding out if they would like us to take special precautions.
  • Answering questions about the virus and our procedures as customers inquire.

Finally, we at Paul Davis are honored to help our customers during the hardest times in their lives. The COVID-19 crisis certainly meets that definition: few events shake our stability like a global pandemic. “Shock, numbness, fear, difficulty focusing and inability to make small decisions or remember information – these are all very common reactions that make it hard to decide what to do or where to turn,” says Leslie Anderson, Vice President of Training at Paul Davis. “We understand these reactions because our services are more than logistical as we help people through their worst moments. We’re also providing certainty, hope, a friendly ear, a knowledgeable guide and leadership.”