Paul Davis of Tacoma, WA, is Open and Operating

New owners Jason and Jennifer Hardy of Paul Davis of Tacoma, WA, are excited to join the Paul Davis Family! Both Jason and Jennifer are originally from the west. They have been in North Carolina for the past 15 years and just recently relocated to Washington to open their franchise.

Before joining Paul Davis, Jason spent 18 years in the corporate world. He was an executive at Volvo trucks working in finance and operations. Jennifer’s background is in education. After many years at home with their children, Jennifer recently returned to teaching.

Jason and Jennifer found Paul Davis after deciding to build a business together. The beliefs and values of Paul Davis aligned very closely to their own. The opportunity to build a company based on serving others was a perfect fit. Jason had often felt his job in the corporate world did not provide as many opportunities to serve others as he wanted. The Paul Davis culture of dedication to serving others and providing best in class customer service to customers during a challenging time appealed to them greatly. They are excited to begin this new chapter of life together!


Family has always been the most important part of Jason and Jennifer’s lives. They have 4 children, all teenagers.

Sophie and Grace are 17-year-old twin sisters. They are seniors in high school and excited to begin college next year. They are both skilled musicians and play a few different instruments.

Luke and Noah are 14-year-old twin brothers. They started their first year of high school this fall. Noah is very interested in aviation and hopes to one day join the military. Both boys love to mountain bike and explore outdoors.

Jennifer, Sophie, Jason, Noah, Grace and Luke Hardy


Paul Davis of Tacoma, WA, has a great team! After retiring from the Army, Jamell Collins took a position with a restoration company and found a second career. He has worked in restoration for several years and brings with him all the necessary skills and knowledge to build a strong Mitigation team at Paul Davis of Tacoma. Emily Crone graduated from Seattle Pacific University in June of 2021 with a degree in Business Management. She joins the office as the Job Cost Accountant (JCA).

Paul Davis of Tacoma is ready to begin building success one customer and job at a time while looking forward to a great future in their market.

Jamell Collins, Jason Hardy, and Emily Crone