After months of amassing along Ukraine’s borders, Russia invaded this eastern European nation of 44 million citizens in the early hours of February 24. Shocked by the aggression, the world mobilized support for the beleaguered country and imposed harsh sanctions on Russia. The conflict has been particularly heart-wrenching for citizens anywhere with ties to Ukraine. 

“We married in this beautiful country that is now fighting for freedom and democracy. My entire family except my brother are in Ukraine,” says Ukrainian native Khrystyna Golkin, co-owner of Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Suburban Virginia, along with her husband Andrew. “We feel very close to the Ukrainian people and share their pain. This is an exceedingly difficult time for us and we feel compelled to do what we can to help.” 

The Golkins have leveraged concern into action. Working with a group of volunteers through Saint Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Silver Spring, Maryland, they are gathering badly needed medical supplies, warm clothing and other items to ship to Ukrainian soldiers fighting on the front lines. The group collects necessities at their homes and brings them to the church weekly for sorting and shipping. 

The group also participates in online campaigns to acquire items. Purchased by donors, necessities like bandages, wound dressings, sleeping bags, and combat gear are shipped directly to warehouses that sort and distribute items across Ukraine. Interested in contributing? Purchases can be made through this link or by sending donations directly to Saint Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral via the contact details below.

Khrystyna Golkin’s parents, both of whom are physicians in Western Ukraine, also are helping supply soldiers with items that will sustain them as they go off to war. “Ukraine is among the most educated countries in the world,” Golkin says. “Nearly 100 percent of citizens over the age of 15 can read and write while three of four citizens have a secondary or above education level. 

“They will use every bit of their considerable brain power and highly trained capabilities to work inside their threatened borders and free their beloved country. As for us, we will donate our time and money and hope every day that this terrible conflict ends.” 

To donate, contact: 

Saint Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral

15100 New Hampshire Ave
Silver Spring, MD  20905
Attn. Iryna Rybytva
Cell: 240-431-866