Paul Davis Pitches In: Cleaning Offered for Local First Responder Facility and Vehicles

Fire departments, ambulance services, and police stations rushed over early that day in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Why the hurry? Paul Davis had temporarily commandeered a former auto service location to offer service vehicle cleanings to protect against the COVID-19 pathogen. The cleaning and application of a disinfectant were complimentary for all of the vehicles – 60 to 70 - that took advantage of the treatment.

“I don’t know how we could charge a first responder or doctor or nurse or anyone that’s on the front lines trying to protect us and our families,” remarked Michael Oster, Sales Manager for Paul Davis Restoration of Central Pennsylvania.

Paul Davis crews are very experienced with cleaning projects that may involve dangerous pathogens. They follow a strict protocol for vehicle treatment:

  • Don protective gear – full body protection, gloves, masks, and shoe covers - and apply a disinfectant to external high-touch areas such as door handles and frames.
  • Access the vehicle, assess cleaning needs, and create an action plan. Typically, technicians remove items at the highest risk of contamination, such as floor mats. First, loose soil is captured with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum and then treated with a cleaning solution.
  • Cover sensitive equipment.
  • Before entering the vehicle, apply a disinfectant solution across interior surfaces including seats. This solution “dwells” (stays in contact with) per manufacturing specifications to treat pathogens without damaging materials (always test in an inconspicuous area first).
  • Enter the vehicle and wipe high-touch areas, electronics, and controls after the dwell time has been met.
  • Exit the vehicle and ULV fog the interior with non-toxic disinfectant to treat hidden areas that can’t be manually treated.
  • Clearly mark the time of cleaning on the windshield and ensure no personnel enter the vehicle for at least 10 minutes or as long as indicated on the manufacture Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Paul Davis also brings leadership, confidence and certainty to these busy and selfless first responders. COVID-19 isn’t something Paul Davis crews fear. They are thoroughly trained and completely equipped to handle pathogens and biohazards with approved products and high-tech equipment. In fact, they do so almost daily to combat germs, viruses, bacteria and mould during mitigation and restoration responses large and small across North America.

“These vehicle cleaning projects are more than just donating cleaning services,” says Leslie Anderson, Senior Vice President of Training. “We reassure people and make them safer so they can do their jobs with more confidence and security. It’s all part of helping people during their times of greatest need.” 

Does your first responder organization need vehicle cleaning? Call your local Paul Davis office to inquire if this complimentary service is offered in your area. Does your business or commercial property need on-demand or scheduled cleaning services? Get a quote now.