Paul Davis Promises 30-Minute Response

If you’re a homeowner whose property has been devastated by a flood, a fire or a tornado, the immediate aftermath is exceedingly difficult. Your home, your security and your sense of safety are in tatters. You’re shocked and sad. Many people feel physical distress: shaking, hyperventilation, nausea, dizziness. You’re not sure what to do next, who can assist or how to get that help, yet you feel desperate to do something now. You’ve been plunged into one of the worst times in your life.

In those first terrible moments, call Paul Davis immediately. Available by phone or online (click the “Request Online Help” button on the Paul Davis website, the company offers immediate assistance 24/7, promising to respond within a half hour and arrive at your property within four hours. Paul Davis knows exactly what to do in these awful situations because they specialize in helping people recover from the very worst events they may ever experience.

As soon as  Paul Davis receives a call for help, the company leaps into action:

Triage: Within minutes, the Paul Davis team responds. Every representative has been trained to begin helping people over the phone while gently obtaining details about the situation. The company’s goal: comfort and reassure shell-shocked homeowners, get all the facts during the initial call so that person needn’t repeat the traumatic story and dispatch the right team to help immediately.

Mitigate: A highly trained team, equipped with the tools and know-how to address the specific situation, arrives within four hours. Technicians immediately assess the situation, stop the damage and prevent further damage from occurring. They use industry-leading tools, innovative products specifically developed for Paul Davis and very effective processes developed over decades of experience.

Restore: Certified and skilled professionals begin restoration work as soon as the mitigation phase – preventing damage from worsening – concludes. Paul Davis teams, who possess a range of trade skills and expertise, also coordinate closely with insurance carriers. Because it’s often difficult for shocked homeowners to navigate the insurance process, the company helps file claims, interfaces with insurance agents and more.

Paul Davis has helped homeowners at over 2 million properties across North America since 1966. If you suddenly find yourself plunged into a disaster, dedicated professionals are on-hand 24/7 to help you. In thirty minutes or less, Paul Davis ensures you and your house are on the road to recovery. This Is No Time For Second Best®.