What exact disinfectant was used to treat that doorknob? Do those countertops need cleaning again? Are elevator buttons a potential infection route? How can my factory crew safely use locker rooms? Vexing questions abound during the COVID-19 pandemic and commercial property owners/operators are understandably confused.

In a word, Paul Davis brings ‘clarity’. “We carefully follow all applicable guidelines from government agencies and public health authorities to ensure cleaning occurs exactly as indicated,” says Leslie Anderson, Paul Davis Vice President of Training and Launch. “We perfected rigorous protocols and instructed employees in our state-of-the-art training facility: from conducting health checks and intake questionnaires to ensuring safety during entries and exits from a property, we know exactly what to do.”

Most authorities, Anderson explains, have issued cleaning guidelines that address important topics. Paul Davis tailors its services for each customer to check all these boxes: 

Planning: Agencies and public health organizations emphasize starting any cleaning process by planning thoroughly. Which areas need to be treated and how often? How will cleaning procedures change if an occupant tests positive for the virus? Should items be cleaned regularly, covered with protective films, replaced by single-use options or restricted from widespread use? Paul Davis updates customer-specific plans regularly and sets maintenance schedules.

Equipment: Effective cleaning requires specific tools, certified cleaning products and personal protective equipment for staff implementing cleaning. Many government agencies have compiled lists of products that have tested as effective against COVID-19. Paul Davis ensures supplies are always available for successful cleaning program implementation.

Technique: Standard operating procedures are essential to effectively treat areas. For example, cleaning often must occur before antimicrobial is applied. “For an antimicrobial to work,” Anderson explains, “it must contact the surface:disinfectants must remain undisturbed for the proper dwell time. This could be as short as 30 seconds to as long as 10 minutes, depending on the product, to be effective.” Paul Davis technicians are carefully trained in proper technique and follow the manufacturer recommendations.

Paul Davis is also revolutionizing cleaning services with its multifaceted TouchLessService program. “One of its initiatives is decreasing touchpoints between customers and our team members,” Anderson says. “For instance, we added signature and electronic document technologies to eliminate sharing devices or writing implements. In sum, TouchLessService maintains strict safety for employees, partners and customers from first contact through project completion to reduce virus risk at all times.”

To learn more about COVID cleaning services and TouchLessService, call your local Paul Davis office or 844-215-7898 for more information.