Paul Davis Restores Vet’s Military Apparel Following 2019 Floods

All over North America, military veterans are admired and supported for their selfless actions protecting their countries and preserving freedom. Canada and the United States both set aside days each year to honor 650,000 Canadian and over 18 million American heroes. For Paul Davis, every day presents opportunities to freely give back to those who gave so much. Three Paul Davis locations showed their patriotic colors by volunteering to help two distressed veteran families in April.

When her home near Plattsmouth, Nebraska, flooded during the recent devastating spring storms, Kelly Smith lost her living space and many belongings. Among the damaged items: her son’s U.S. Marine Corps and Enlisted Blue Dress Cap and gloves, as well as his U.S. and military flags, were saturated with water, debris, mud and bacteria. Initially, Smith took the items to a local dry cleaner where owners immediately referred the business to Paul Davis.

The local Paul Davis location cleaned the items in the company’s contents cleaning department, meticulously disassembling and hand-cleaning the items with technologically advanced solutions and equipment. The items were intricately re-assembled and re-shaped to pristine condition and returned to an emotional and grateful Smith.

In Arlington, Texas, veteran Tom Bottenfield’s physical and financial constraints prevented him from repairing water damage caused by a leaky foundation slab. Two nearby Paul Davis locations donated a large portion of the water damage mitigation, demolition, cleanup, odour control and sanitization measures necessary to complete home repairs, restoration and reconstruction, plumbing, bathroom improvements and additional tasks. Paul Davis also coordinated painting, carpeting, cabinetry, front door repairs and a new deadbolt lock. As the project advanced, they rebuilt the master bathroom with a walk-in shower to further help Bottenfield with self-care.