The date was set. The deposits paid. The guests invited. So telling the bride and groom to postpone their wedding ceremony is a call this privately owned event center didn’t want to make. Their fire suppression system had piping in some poorly insulated areas, and a cold snap froze a section of the water line and burst the piping. Even worse, the incident occurred on a Monday and weddings were scheduled every Saturday and Sunday for weeks ahead. The ballroom dance floor was flooded. So was the kitchen and food prep area, the liquor closet, utility room and 20% of the large dining room. The loss was estimated at $30,000 in restoration and reconstruction.

Quick response started with draining. Paul Davis scheduled round-the-clock restoration crews to dry out the structure. Numerous fans were set in place. Damaged drywall, flooring and baseboard trim was ripped out. New flooring was put in place, drywall and trim installed and painted, and odours were magically erased — all in just a few days. Every wedding took place as scheduled. Every bride was smiling and guests never saw a hint of earlier destruction.

A fire suppression system is a construction and safety mandate that silently waits for the worst to occur. Out of sight for the most part, these suppression systems should never be ignored. Regular inspections can identify potential shortcomings as the systems age. Paul Davis can conduct these inspections to avoid losses like this one and protect against system failures. Inspections can be scheduled easily and typically take four hours or less. For more information, visit