Paul Davis Utilizes Matterport 3D Imaging During COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Ordinarily, adjusters are extraordinarily mobile insurance professionals, hurrying to disaster scenes, working out of cars and meeting with disaster victims as they tour flood and fire-ravaged properties. COVID-19, social distancing and travel restrictions vanquished that paradigm in a few head-spinning weeks. Adjusters who were rarely stationary are now almost entirely office-based, seeking to accomplish everything at a desk that they previously did on the move. 

They may ditch the road warrior lifestyle permanently when they see what Matterport can do.  A powerful 3D data platform that works seamlessly with smartphones, this software creates a high-definition, extremely accurate, three-dimensional digital rendering of any space with a touch of a button. 

“Adjusters call us and we send one local Paul Davis professional to safely and quickly record the loss – no need to send a team or interact with anyone during the data capture,” says Shawn Clark, Chief Information Officer for Paul Davis, who produced a compelling video demonstrating Matterport. “Adjusters receive the rendering in a few short hours. From the safety of their home offices, they tour, zoom into, reconfigure, customise, publish and share the file with colleagues. We expect this technology to revolutionise the industry and we’re expanding its use at exactly the right time.”

Linking easily with existing Paul Davis software as well as in-office and in-the-field devices, Matterport offers a suite of comprehensive features that safeguard adjusters’ health, boost data accuracy and speed the claims process:

  • Synthesizes data points and imagery to create a precise 3D digital rendering of the space. The rendering is a virtual 3D “twin” of a mapped area, clearly displaying all measurements and features. Users can view any part of the rendering from multiple angles, perform a virtual walk-through and access specialised functions. 
  • Documents disaster scenes in extreme detail with abundant data points. The system also generates high definition photos and schematic floor plans on demand.
  • Shares the renderings via a simple online link with any restoration partner. 
  • Customises its interface to adapt to different situations. Team members measure and discuss one view while property owners view progress in another. The system also displays different restoration options, which increases customer satisfaction and facilitates agreement.

“COVID 19 may permanently change aspects of our industry, with less travel, more online tasks and modified restoration procedures,” Clark concludes. “We’re getting ahead of those incredibly fast changes so we can help our partners adapt to the new normal. Matterport is one of the truly transformative tools helping us do that.”