Insurance professionals and commercial restoration contractors are multi-talented. They assess damaged roofs and process mold claims expertly. They spot ineffective drying, navigate complicated regulatory landscapes and capably undertake a vast range of additional mitigation and restoration duties. Maintaining this broad expertise – and meeting diverse licensing requirements in different municipalities – demands continual effort.

As an authoritative guide in this complex industry, Paul Davis helps professionals build on their knowledge base through its comprehensive continuing education program. Participants can receive a double credit bonus for each course. “We teach thousands of continuing education courses that can award double credits: credit toward licensing requirements and toward Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, commonly known as IICRC,” says Pam De Boer, Continuing Education Director at Paul Davis. “Our expert instructors teach topics like water and fire damage restoration, applied structural drying, mold remediation, upholstery cleaning, trauma/biohazard cleanup – even very specific skills like cleaning up methamphetamine labs.”

Classes vary across franchise offices and offerings update frequently on state websites. For instance, one of the approved courses covers fire and smoke damage mitigation. Course catalog descriptions explain: “Attendees will understand the issues relating to fire and smoke losses, technical issues of the restoration process, and procedural expectations of restoration contractors. The discussion will include a review of the anatomy of fire and smoke, cleaning procedures, equipment overviews as well as odor mitigation and removal with sections concerning personal protective equipment and odor removal versus cover methodology.”

Another session, required by law in many states, imparts, “the eligibility, rules, and coverage of the National Flood Insurance Program.” There is also an offering that “…familiarizes insurance professionals with the life cycle of water claims, the steps necessary to keep them from turning into mold claims and the documentation required to prove it.”

Paul Davis CE courses consistently draw very positive reviews, De Boer notes. “Our face-to-face sessions include very informative discussion and hands-on practice,” she says, “and participants are often among the first to learn about new technologies and trends in disaster restoration. Networking among fellow industry professionals is an additional plus.”

Contact your local Paul Davis office for more information regarding when CE courses are being offered in your area. To find your nearest Paul Davis franchise, Call Paul! 888-473-7669.