Should First Priority® Be Part of Your 2022 Business Plan?

With the COVID-19 resurgence, business plans for 2022 are in disarray and many company leaders face complex questions. Will customers frequent retail or dine out? Will they travel for business and leisure? Will employees return to traditional offices or is working from home the new normal? Can the team remain healthy?

“Most companies are worried about budgets and bottom lines, too” says Darren Impson, President, Paul Davis of Tampa. “The economic outlook isn’t clear and income forecasts are cloudy. We can help businesses plan for 2022 and alleviate a measure of uncertainty by covering two areas: preparing in case of disaster and, by doing so, managing budgets. Our First Priority® Program puts you first in line to get help if a flood, fire or natural disaster hits and it’s free of charge.”

Paul Davis First Priority® teams specialize in meeting the needs of risk managers, property managers, facility directors and insurance carriers. All it takes to join the program is a phone call to your nearest Paul Davis location or to 844-215-7898. The Paul Davis team then customizes the program to your specific business needs. Impson outlined the process.

“First, we start by conducting pre-loss planning. We meet with your team to design a custom plan that will help minimize loss and damage if a disaster strikes. We train your personnel at no cost, too.

“Second, we implement business continuity planning, drawing up detailed plans to keep your business operations on track throughout mitigation and restoration. This step is particularly useful for retaining employees and maintaining customer trust when disaster strikes.

“Third, we place your company into our expedited mitigation response customer group. If a disaster hits, our network of offices across North America ensures that our mitigation experts immediately assist your business. If needed, our teams manage emergency needs across your company’s network of locations, collaborating with property managers and facilities directors at each to meet site-specific needs efficiently.

“Finally, your team receives the assurance of single source accountability. If a disaster affects your company, you work with one source for all restoration needs. Our team deploys a centralized system to standardize response and maintain exceptional communication.”

The Paul Davis First Priority® Program becomes even more necessary in view of the weather impacts that experts forecast in 2022: increasing heatwaves, growing wildfire risk, plunging temperatures in temperate regions, more extreme and frequent storms. Yet experts cite grim preparedness statistics: nearly 75 percent of small businesses have not planned for a disaster. If a disaster hits, nearly two thirds will close permanently. 

In an uncertain world, this free program could be the bulwark that rescues your business if the worst happens. Ready to hear more? A trained Paul Davis professional answers our phone 24/7/365. Call us at 844-215-7898!