On-Site Service Providers Need To Safely Adapt To A COVID-19 World

Before COVID-19, onsite contractors at businesses and homes were common visitors welcomed with little thought about effects to employees and family. In our new normal, contractor visits raise thorny questions. Will incoming workers keep my people safe? Are these outside technicians healthy? Will I feel comfortable when they work here? What steps are they taking to ensure my complete safety before, during and after this project?

In the disaster response business for more than 50 years, Paul Davis is accustomed to approaching projects with a “safety first” mentality, incorporating safety protocols into every plan and activity. Building safety into projects during COVID-19 is a familiar task that the company is more than equal to. According to Leslie Anderson, Vice President of Training and Launch for Paul Davis Restoration, “We have always focused on keeping our workers, our customers, and most importantly, our communities safe by ensuring that workers in your home or business are operating safely.” 

Paul Davis followed five important safety tenets as they developed timely COVID-19 specific protocols for providing on-site services to business owners and homeowners.

Communication emphasizes safety. Paul Davis has undertaken a company-wide communications campaign to ensure that all locations and employees across North America understand what the company is doing for COVID-19 response and how each person is responsible for implementing new measures. Communications techniques include videos, email bulletins, newsletters, training sessions, personal instruction and frequent online meetings. 

Technology enables safety. Paul Davis is leveraging technology that increases safety by promoting social distancing while promoting project efficiency and excellence. The company has adopted electronic document signing, digital file sharing, video conferencing and many more platforms that streamline project execution and boost accuracy while protecting customers and employees.

New processes and training increase safety. Paul Davis has perfected new training protocols and instructed its employees in its state-of-the-art training facility in Jacksonville, Florida. Training has been diverse – from how to conduct health checks, wellness surveys and intake questionnaires all the way to learning exact procedures for applying disinfectants and maintaining clean surfaces while entering and exiting a property.

Tight connections with partners foster safety. Paul Davis is sharing its experience and safety protocols with third parties like suppliers, insurance representatives and subcontractors to ensure they understand what they must do to keep everyone safe as they work with Paul Davis and its customers.

Continuous learning breeds safety. Paul Davis is monitoring new findings, guidelines and requirements as they are issued by public health authorities and governmental entities from the local through the international levels. The company continually evaluates and applies new information to hone its protocols and response.

Does your company or family need services during the COVID-19 pandemic? Paul Davis promises to be onsite within four hours of a call for help.