Severe weather can upend lives as it devastates homes and businesses. If you experience storm damage, Paul Davis is the preferred storm damage restoration company throughout Canada, no matter what the storm damage scenario. The Paul Davis Restoration of Canada companies bring immediate assistance with wind damage cleanup and restoration. We’re available 24/7 by phone, and you can also use the “Get Immediate Help” button on our website, Our skilled service teams are committed to responding to you within 30 minutes of your call. Then within four hours, Paul Davis will have the manpower you need on site at your home or business, ready to provide needed storm and wind cleanup services.

Paul Davis has served as the premier storm cleanup and restoration company in Canada for over 50 years. We provide cleanup and restoration for many categories of storm damage, including lightning strikes, leaking roof due to heavy rain, and most important, severe damage from tornado and hurricane-force winds. Our Canadian customers in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec and Nova Scotia rely on services that include but are not limited to structural stabilization, emergency board-up, roof taping, water extraction, and complete reconstruction services. Remember, when severe weather damages your property, This Is No Time For Second Best™. Call Paul! 800-661-5975