Paul Davis Chooses High-Quality Supplier Partners

When a disaster rips away shingles, blows out windows and shreds siding, Paul Davis provides extraordinary care for distressed owners, rapidly assembling expert teams to execute complex projects on time, on budget and with peerless accuracy. Trusted partners are key elements of that seamless execution. 

“We seek preferred partners who can work with us at the highest level,” says Eric Taylor, Vice President of Franchise Launch. “For example, we recently completed an agreement with a large supplier of building products that brings significant advantages to Paul Davis.” Taylor enumerated the benefits that Paul Davis looks for in partners like this:

“We seek out alignment: are their people on the same page as ours? Do they have highly qualified people who manage projects the same way we do? For example, a recent partner has a very well qualified national account representative and we saw right away that our ethics and values and approaches aligned perfectly.

“We look for mutual love of education and coaching. Can our project managers, estimators and franchises gain a deeper knowledge of a trade and its processes from the partner’s subject matter experts? Can the partner bring creativity and innovation to help our franchises handle new demands and complexity?

“We seek out excellent reputations. Roofing as a building trade, for example, can have an image problem in our industry and in construction. For a roofing partner, we would require a company with an exceptional work ethic, superior customer service and very reliable products.

“We look for partners with great relationships within their trades. Do they have a great network within that trade so they themselves can count on qualified assistance? Those networks help us create better working relationships, too. 

“We look for capacity, reach and scale. Is the partner big enough and distributed enough to supply services in the volume and in locations we need? Can they scale up efficiently for large events?

“We seek responsiveness. Can they give us preferred access? Do they match our operations and our need for rapid response, triaging and immediacy? 

“We require excellent vetting. Does the partner maintain all certifications: training, insurance, background checks? 

“Great partners enhance and amplify our services,” Taylor concludes, “so our project managers and personnel feel secure working with them immediately and are absolutely confident in their performance. In turn, customers rest assured and have complete confidence in a Paul Davis project, no matter who performed a particular service.