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Smart Business Owners Resolve These Six Slip, Trip and Fall Risks to Customers and Employees

Tom and Betsy, parents of a long-time employee, visit The Very Best Company to see their daughter’s office and take her out to a birthday lunch. The pair don’t even reach the reception desk before Betsy trips on a mat in the doorway and falls.  “This is a situation that happens very[...]

8 Property Risks That Pose Hazard Problems For Property Managers

If you manage a commercial property, days are packed with complex tasks: managing staff, moving tenants, conducting inspections, interfacing with contractors, contacting regulatory officials and much more. Enter checklists: essential “cheat sheets” that streamline workload.  “Every[...]

Emergency Response For Commercial Property Damage – This is What Really Happens When You Call Paul Davis

When disaster hits commercial property, owners and managers feel much like anyone struck by a catastrophic, dangerous, sudden event they can’t control: shocked, worried, uncertain and fearful. They may have trouble grasping the enormity of the damage and making decisions. Communication and recall[...]

Idle Commercial Buildings Pose Problems for Maintaining and Restoring Water Quality

The warehouse reopened smoothly when COVID restrictions eased: picking equipment functioned at speed, loading dock mechanisms obeyed switches, HVAC systems whooshed to life as expected. One glitch arose immediately, however. An employee notified the property manager that the water in the bathroom[...]