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Smart Business Owners Resolve These Six Slip, Trip and Fall Risks to Customers and Employees

Tom and Betsy, parents of a long-time employee, visit The Very Best Company to see their daughter’s office and take her out to a birthday lunch. The pair don’t even reach the reception desk before Betsy trips on a mat in the doorway and falls.  “This is a situation that happens very[...]

Floods Can Take a Toll on Homes and Businesses in a Flash

Here’s all you need to know to fear flash floods: they are a top cause of weather-related deaths. They can surge so suddenly that it’s hard to believe your eyes. Many victims report depths that rise from floor-level to shoulders in a few minutes. They settle down for a television show in a snug,[...]

Better Protect Your Business Property During Spring Storms

Spring, that most promising of seasons, is in truth a roaring battle between cold and warm air. The ground heats while chillier air rushes high aloft. Temperature instability shifts air masses quickly, blowing up perfect storm conditions. So, in supposedly balmy spring, violence often arrives[...]

COVID Update: Commercial Property Safety and Recommended Procedures

The COVID-19 pandemic keeps us guessing, from lockdown reprises and masking policy changes to updated vaccination protocols and new virus variants. It’s difficult to fight an enemy that measures an infinitesimal 120 nanometers across (whereas a human hair measures a gargantuan 75,000 nanometers).[...]

Commercial Safety Starts With Sound Planning By Property Managers

When flash floods and high winds ripped through the Pacific Northwest in November, the raging storm shuttered businesses, inundated homes and downed electrical lines. Massive mudslides blocked highways, launched emergency airlifts for stranded residents and chased people from devastated homes. [...]