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The Shifting Flood Threat for 2019 Across Canada

Canadians have come to expect certain springtime events. Cold, short days become balmy, long days. Trees wave fresh green leaves and flowers bloom. Another rite of spring far less benign and far more distressing? Flooding. In April of this year, thousands of residents in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick fled… Read more »

Active Claim Management – A Benefit that Paul Davis Delivers

Technology is radically transforming businesses everywhere and it’s no surprise that insurance companies are in the thick of this radical evolution. One of the most effective uses they have found for technology is to consolidate and standardize the management and oversight of the claims process. Paul Davis is innovating right… Read more »


Read That Policy Carefully: Flood Insurance Coverages

Read That Policy Carefully: Flood Insurance Coverages As a Canadian, you’re likely to be concerned about these two statistics. Urban flooding alone resulted in over $20 billion of damage in Canada from 2003 through 2012. And flooded basements have now replaced house fires as the most expensive claim type for… Read more »