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Putting Drones to Work Reduces Headaches for Commercial Property Owners

Drones have become far more than fun gadgets built for amusement. They are rugged, highly technical tools hard at work every day making our lives better. These devices, ranging in size from a few hundred grams to over 150 kilograms, have revolutionized wildlife research, allowing study from afar[...]

Electrostatic Sprayers Speed Protection for Commercial Businesses from COVID-19

Viruses – the word comes from a Latin word for poison or slimy liquid – are infinitesimal scraps of genetic material wrapped in a delicate protein shell. Visible through an electron microscope only, a group of 500 million COVID-19 viruses could huddle on the head of a pin. That compact size[...]

Protecting Your Restaurant or Retail Store From Vandalism

One of Banksy’s “vandalism” installations parodied Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” painting. The world-famous, anonymous street artist cleverly repurposed a burglar alarm bell to form the famous jewel. The decorated premises delighted the property owner, who acquired a very[...]

As Commercial Buildings Age Pipe Leaks Spring Eternal

“Many – perhaps even most – older commercial buildings are equipped with piping that is very often no longer sound,” says Andrew Golkin, President Paul Davis of Suburban Virginia. “Perhaps the system was state-of-the-art at the time of installation – yet that piping type is now[...]

Workplace Health Becomes Top Priority as Post-COVID Occupancy Begins

In a recent survey by the McKinsey & Company management consulting firm, a whopping 80 percent of respondents reported dramatically changed work lives due to COVID-19. Remote workers found the changes mostly to their liking, citing more engagement, control over work environments, better work[...]