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Paul Davis Follows Latest Guidelines for COVID-19 Cleanup

With the coronavirus, there is much we still don’t know. We are unsure exactly how long the virus lives on different surfaces though evidence suggests it remains viable for days on non-porous materials. We don’t know how long the air inside a room with a coronavirus victim remains infectious[...]

How Paul Davis Keeps Customers Safe During COVID-19 Crisis

Sometimes, the disaster bearing down on us is invisible. It arrives suddenly and is among us before we even realize the danger. That has been the case with the worldwide rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus. As people, communities and countries grapple with its substantial impacts and struggle to slow[...]

Paul Davis Restoration Takes Significant Steps in Coronavirus COVID-19 and Disease Response

Press Release March 03, 2020, Jacksonville, FLA – Paul Davis Restoration one of the most trusted brands in fire, water and mold damage emergency and restoration services for residential and commercial properties has taken proactive steps to respond in case of a coronavirus outbreak in regions[...]