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Businesses Should Always Have Quick Access to Proper Fire Extinguishers

After the fire marshal evaluated the charred remains of a popular women’s clothing store, he delivered news that compounded the owner’s distress. Even if employees had discovered the smoke earlier, tools for quenching the smoldering materials were likely useless: the fire extinguishers had[...]

Reducing the Risk of Commercial Kitchen Fires

When a three-alarm fire swept through a famous comedy club, investigators suspected typical culprits: table candles, smouldering cigarettes, hot stage lighting. The actual spark? Accumulated grease in ductwork venting a commercial kitchen several floors away. Flames flared to life above the fire[...]

Cooking, The Leading Cause of House Fires

The easiest way to fight a house fire is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. So, when taking steps to prevent a house fire, it’s impossible to ignore the leading cause – cooking. Every time you enter the kitchen to cook, it’s crucial to take measures to minimize your risk of[...]