Paul Davis Difference Maker Tasia de Leon is a water mitigation manager for Paul Davis of Northeast Indiana, leading teams in ongoing flood restoration projects. Her management position at Paul Davis bestows far more than satisfaction from completing flood mitigation tasks. She reconnects daily to a tight work family she joined two years ago who would do anything to help one another.

This strong network supports her travels to multiple job sites inspecting equipment, monitoring drying progress, training technicians, pitching in on job completions, interfacing with customers and documenting progress. Tasia’s busy days have meaning and advance a shared mission because the whole team buoys up one another with warm camaraderie. 

We spoke with her recently and she described how good it feels to be a Difference Maker not only to customers but among colleagues, too.

Actively making every day a good one: “Every day I get a chance to put a smile on somebody’s face. Not all jobs are great and glamorous so it’s important for me to be there and help make it a fun environment. Loving the people we work with is what makes us love our jobs.” 

Lifting up colleagues: “I love sharing knowledge and experience and watching somebody else grow. I am fortunate to be a manager after just two years at Paul Davis and I love showing other people how they can advance here, too. I can show new hires that they’re starting out at entry level when they first join but they have so much room to rise quickly in the organization and be awesome. That’s a special feeling.”

Forging lasting relationships: “I did a restoration project for an elderly woman during the COVID pandemic, which was very isolating for many older folks. She had not only lost her husband recently but had limited mobility as well. Every day I fetched her mail and talked with her about her day and important memories she had. That human connection meant a lot to both of us.”

Becoming a member of a warm, generous family: “I didn’t have the best family life growing up. I bounced around between homes. With Paul Davis, I found a true family that gives the shirt off their back for you – whatever you need, they hurry to help. I get the same feeling when I visit other Paul Davis offices.”

Are you a Difference Maker with a strong drive to help other people on the job and in your daily life? We invite you to grow with our company. Contact us today to learn more about how a career with Paul Davis can fulfill your professional and personal goals while making the world a better place.

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