Technology for Productive Partnership: Claims Management and Managed Repair Programs

Imagine that someone told you 20 years ago, “soon, you will run your life from a handheld, wireless, portable device. You will connect, create, organize and plan with it, advancing and speeding nearly every important activity you do. You will wonder how you managed without this magical device.” You might have said that person was crazy, and yet here we are, a nation with these powerful devices in every hand. 

Smartphones are one of the many technological revolutions – from high def and plasma displays to GPS and streaming and hybrid vehicles –enabling human pursuits in astonishing ways. Forward-thinking companies track new technologies carefully, adopting those that help serve customers faster and more completely. For Paul Davis, this has meant leveraging a range of powerful new digital technologies and technology-based programs that support insurance partners’ claims management processes.

MICA is one digital tool making big differences for carriers. The Mitigation Industry Control Application provides significant benefits to all parties involved in projects associated with claims processing. “Paul Davis team members can upload pictures, record data – even automated measurements like moisture levels – calculate, eliminate paperwork, access specifications and automatically create reports,” says says John Murphy, senior vice president of Paul Davis National, who says that Paul Davis utilizes many other software programs that insurers prefer such as the Xactware estimating suite. “In turn, insurance companies easily view job data, access reports, manage budgets and audit progress in MICA.” 

MICA is delivering outstanding results. It eliminates redundancy, improves accuracy, manages project costs, speeds cycle time, closes out claims faster and reduces paperwork. It’s improving compliance with all types of regulations – state, local, company – that govern projects. The system, which does not require an internet connection to function, streamlines communication among all involved, too, making daily reporting to customers easier and more complete.

These software tools support far-reaching company initiatives like the Active Claims Management Program (ACM), which facilitates carriers’ managed repair programs. For insurers, managed repair programs, increasingly common across carriers, use one system to centralize and coordinate work for all claims across the country. In the past, local adjusters worked with local providers, and each claim proceeded individually with different partners, schedules, activities, data points and so on. 

With ACM, Paul Davis serves managed repair programs by becoming the eyes and ears of their partner insurance companies. Paul Davis professionals interface with the insured, enter policy holders’ homes, record documentation, transmit data, help write estimates, create schedules and plan restoration work across the network of partners. When managed care programs sync with the Paul Davis ACM, the claims process has less variability, speedier repair, lower costs, fewer errors, greater economies of scale and more communication.

As insurance partners leverage the technological revolution – indeed, innovation of many different types – Paul Davis keeps pace.