Ryan Decker
Mitigation Coordinator

Ryan was praised by Owner Eddie Bruce of Paul Davis Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada. Here are Ryan’s answers to some of our questions.Ryan was praised by Owner Eddie Bruce of Paul Davis Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada. He joined the office since it was bought in November 2018 and finally launched in February 2019. Here are Ryan’s answers to some of our questions.

Your Duties

  • Manage all field technicians and provide them with their daily tasks.
  • Perform safety toolbox talks with the crew and ensure all are following safety protocols.
  • Manage Fleet.
  • Maintain all equipment and manage the shop and all consumables required for any type of mitigation.

Best thing that ever happened to you while at work

During the spring, we were working on a full basement rebuild and I stopped by at the end of the day to see the progress on the drywall work. As I was leaving, the homeowner insisted that I stay to join her and the family for the start of the summer BBQ. It’s very rewarding to feel you’ve not only done a good job, but people are so happy with your work, and kind, they welcome you right into their homes.

Your Hobbies

Some of my favorite things to do when I’m not working are traveling around Alberta enjoying the beautiful scenery with my dog, staying in my camper, and spending days exploring on a dirt bike. When not traveling, I spend the majority of my time visiting my parents at their acreage.