The Simple Act of Giving Thanks

The year was 1966 and a young man of 38 by the name of Paul Davis launched Paul Davis Restoration in Jacksonville, Florida. Back then Paul regularly took time to personally express thanks to those who helped him: early employees, partners, customers, and more. Every year — and especially in this year 2016 as we celebrate our 50th anniversary providing emergency remediation and restoration services throughout North America — we believe giving thanks is still as important as ever.Today Paul Davis is recognized for leadership in restoration innovation and a stalwart of on-call, 24-hour remediation and restoration service. The company has come a long way with over 8,000 Paul Davis employees serving the emergency needs of home and commercial property owners throughout North America.

As the final months of 2016 come to pass, we at Paul Davis will be expressing thanks to many thousands of people who come in contact with us. Our employees, their families, and the many trades people who help us provide expert and specialized services. Also thousands in the insurance industry: agents, adjusters, office staff and agency owners. Local realtors, community and government officials and especially the many dedicated and brave first responders.

And to the millions of homeowners who needed our services over the past 50 years — and through happenstance may require our help in the future — we pledge to back up our ‘thank you’  with actions that truly bring the words thank you to life.

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