Thermal Imaging Saves Time and Money

Many innovative technologies developed for security, military and space exploration applications later find their way into industry applications that benefit us every day. That is certainly the case with thermal imaging. Breakthroughs in the late 1990s enabled manufacturers of thermal imaging cameras to marry an uncooled detector to earlier TI cameras, so that lower costs of what is technically known as a microbolometer could be brought to market. One of the major advantages of the microbolometer is that it has no moving parts and is therefore less susceptible to breakdowns. It is also less expensive to produce. which allowed thermal imaging camera manufacturers to bring the price of their products down considerably. Since that time, thermal imaging technology has allowed Paul Davis technicians to check for water intrusion without cutting through drywall or tearing up carpet. Its use has been a cost and time saver in locating and cost-effectively repairing water damage. Today, Paul Davis technicians use this fascinating  technology in many other beneficial ways, quickly and easily showing property owners and insurance adjusters more vivid photographic evidence of the problem and later giving positive validation that the problem is repaired. In addition, today’s thermal imaging detects failing electrical circuits and breakers as well as leaks in concrete foundations.

Does it save time - yes! Does it save money - lots! Can it help you and us better serve home and business owners in their time of need - of course! Paul Davis technicians are fully trained and equipped to bring the benefits of modern thermal imaging to every claim site, speeding restoration and saving time and money in the process. Never hesitate to ask for this innovative technology when and wherever it can serve your needs.