The Top 5 Ways to Prevent Mould Growth in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

The best defence against needing mould removal is preventing growth in the first place. Since mould thrives in damp areas, it's not surprising that it often grows in kitchens and bathrooms. Here are the top five ways you can prevent mould growth in your home this spring.

#1: Repair Leaks

Leaks under your bathroom and kitchen sinks often go unnoticed. Periodically check for and repair any leaks before mould gets a chance to grow. And, don't forget your dishwasher. Pull it away from the wall and make sure all the pipes and tubing are leak-free.

#2: Turn on Your Stove Fan

Boiling water and other cooking processes create a humid environment in your kitchen. Turn on your stove fan whenever you’re cooking. If you don't have a stove fan, opening the nearest window is the next best thing.

#3: Get Rid of Kitchen Rugs

Rugs may look nice, but in the kitchen, they are a breeding ground for mould. Once wet, rugs can stay damp for quite a while, allowing mould to develop underneath.

#4: Open the Bathroom Window

Who doesn't love a long, hot shower? But all that steam leads to moisture on your walls. Leave your bathroom window open as much as possible. If you have a bathroom fan, consider running it even after you're done showering. You want to keep the air circulating and reduce the humidity level.

#5: Avoid Air Drying Clothes in the Bathroom

We know the shower curtain rod makes a nice drying rack, but humidity + bathroom = mould. Hang your clothes outside or in a larger room. If you have to use the bathroom to dry your clothes, leave the window open and run the fan.

Despite taking proper precautions, mould can still grow in your home. At Paul Davis Restoration, we are experts in mould remediation. Spring's warmer weather creates the perfect environment for mould growth, so make sure your home is protected against the elements. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.