Mould can present a serious health risk. If left untreated in your home or business, mould can trigger allergies, cause respiratory issues, and damage your belongings as well as the structural integrity of your property. In order to reproduce, mould spores require the following conditions: moisture, a food source, warmth and darkness. Here are some of the top causes of mould damage from the restoration specialists at Paul Davis.


Mould damage often occurs after flooding. When an excess amount of water gets into your home, it can create the proper conditions for mould to thrive. Mould often grows after flooding in areas that are difficult to spot initially, like underneath floorboards or above ceiling tiles. Severe flooding can lead to mould damage in as little as 24 hours so if you experience flooding in your home or business it’s important to contact a professional restoration company as soon as possible to minimize the potential damage.

Excess Humidity

Abnormally high moisture content in the air can create a breeding ground for mould. A number of factors can contribute to humidity, including constant shower, cooking, rain or hot temperatures outdoors. Proper ventilation will help increase airflow and prevent high humidity levels from facilitating a mould outbreak. The humidity level in your home or business should be under 55% to prevent mould growth.

Leaky Pipes

One of the most common causes of indoor mould growth is leaky pipes. A large part of your property’s plumbing system is hidden within the walls, making leaks hard to spot. Leaky pipes can create the perfect conditions for mould to grow in the dark environment of your walls’ interiors. If you notice a leaky pipe in your home, have it repaired immediately to avoid the development of mould.

The team of professional and experienced technicians at Paul Davis can get your home or business back to normal following a mould infestation. With the latest in restoration technology, you can trust our skilled technicians to restore your property as well as many belongings that have been damaged by mould growth. For more information about our mould removal and other restoration services, contact us today at Paul Davis.