Top Expertise for Productive Partnership: Insurance Industry Veterans at Paul Davis

Adjusters, carriers and claim forms didn’t exist eons ago but insurance was alive and well. China launched the insurance business in 3000 B.C. to protect merchandise shipped by boat. Traders, weary of losing whole shiploads to the sea during unpredictable storms, banded together to distribute each merchant’s lots across many ships. If one ship sank, every merchant lost something but none lost everything. Today, the insurance industry takes the same approach: spread risk across groups to protect each individual from ruinous loss.

Paul Davis knows the modern insurance industry well. A big reason why? The company fields a very special workforce: employees with more than 100 years of collective experience working at all levels of the insurance industry. These industry veterans deliver important expertise, helping to make Paul Davis the preferred partner for insurance companies requiring property mitigation and restoration:

Reputation, credibility, networking and leverage: The entire Canadian property and casualty insurance industry employed about 126,000 people in 2017, according to 2018 figures from the Insurance Bureau of Canada. That’s a pretty compact group of folks specializing in the property side. Pam de Boer, an insurance industry veteran who is now the Paul Davis Continuing Education Director, says that, “the property insurance community is fairly small and professionals are close knit.” These relationships lend trust, credibility, familiarity and built-in networks – all factors that speed response, aid restoration efforts, support good decision-making and contribute to accuracy.

Familiar credentials: Having attained many of the same designations and licensure during their stints in the insurance industry – from Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP) to Canadian Risk Management (CRM) and beyond – these Paul Davis employees possess knowledge bases very similar to the adjusters and carriers they work with every day. This shared expertise speeds and facilitates projects, even lending a common vocabulary that boosts communication.

Different viewpoints: Paul Davis employees with insurance expertise immediately evaluate projects, responses, budgets and more from the perspective of the adjuster, carrier and the insured. Knowing these different viewpoints well helps Paul Davis perform efficiently.

Understanding carrier needs:  With deep knowledge of the insurance industry, these Paul Davis employees efficiently deliver exactly what carriers require. And insurance company needs can vary widely: communicating in specific ways; using particular technology; providing more coverage in certain locations; adhering to strict regional, provincial or local regulations; acting as liaison between carrier and the insured; providing free training or maintaining specific documentation. Versed in the different systems and metrics used to score customer service at each carrier, these Paul Davis employees also bolster customer satisfaction in ways that are often unique to each partner.

Finally, these Paul Davis employees capably and rapidly build a network of caring by seamlessly collaborating with their former colleagues in the insurance industry. “You cannot just say you care, you have to show it,” says Chase Sanders, a Quality Assurance Estimator at Paul Davis. “You have to make people feel cared for and confident that this team is the right one to respond fast and get their lives back to normal as soon as possible. I feel this is one of our greatest strengths as a network of Paul Davis professionals, insurers, adjusters, tradespeople, brokers and agents.”