When Water Damage Goes Undetected

Water damage is one of the greatest remediation and repair expenses encountered by homeowners or commercial property owners. Sometimes these situations are easy to spot—but other times a water leak goes undetected. At a minimum, trapped moisture due to undetected water can cause odours. Plus, as the water continues to seep into structural material such as wood or drywall, deterioration is likely to ensue. Here are some indicators to help detect if water damage is present in a residential or commercial property.


Although you can’t see it, you can often smell when mould or mildew is present. The scent is unique and pungent and it can linger in the space it inhabits long past the smell of household cleaners.


Do you see water stains, soft patches or swelling in your walls or ceilings? If so, you may have a water leak. These indicators are easiest to spot near windows and doors, but discolouration can also be present in carpet, cabinets, and fabric that adhere to the floors or walls where water is present.

Drywall Disturbance:

Areas that can crack, peel or crumble include walls and ceilings covered with paint and drywall. If any of these indicators occur on a wall or ceiling, there could be water present. Don’t let it sit—damage will continue to erode the space until the leak is handled.

Loose Flooring:

More prominent in wood floors, swelling can occur when water has been present for a significant period of time. This can weaken the structure of the floor and create a noticeable sound when walking across the surface. If wet flooring goes unrepaired, the materials — often wood — may decompose and can break apart altogether.

Standing Water:

In extreme cases of water damage, standing water can accumulate when the surface area has reached its capacity. These circumstances are likely the result of an active water source such as a pipe burst or flood due to rain.

Water damage in any structure is a troublesome issue. That’s why it’s so important to know how to spot water damage—and why you shouldn’t let it go undetected. Remember, if you have water damage in your property, you can rely on the experts at Paul Davis for thorough water remediation services. Because when water damage strikes, This is No Time For Second Best®.