What Buyers Truly Seek from Service Providers

Those of us working at Paul Davis know that our business provides much-needed emergency remediation and quality reconstruction services to home and business owners at competitive prices. When we arrive on the scene following an emergency (or worse, a calamity) our customer is searching for immediate help. But in order for them to choose Paul Davis over another provider, we have to first address a fundamental emotion they are sure to be dealing with … and that’s fear! Fear of what to do first. Fear of choosing a bad contractor. Fear of paying too much. Fear of delayed or slow repairs. And a myriad of other anxieties. If you also sell a service, you face similar customer fears. Here’s how Paul Davis people are trained to respond as they help customers overcome their fears.

First, by providing extraordinary care while we serve our customers in their time of need. Fears and anxieties usually recede when someone realizes that they are in good hands.

Second, by encouraging our people to deliver best-in-class results on every project. At Paul Davis we hire skilled people and encourage them to take the initiative to do great work for every customer.

Last and most essential, our people practice these Paul Davis values every day: deliver what you promise, respect the individual, have pride in what you do, and practice continuous improvement!