Volumes have been written about what customers really want from the companies they choose. Customer service experts believe most customers value speed of service. Sales professionals typically focus on likeability, product or service expertise, and attentiveness. Researchers in the science of consumer behavior have a point of view towards brand affinity and image.

At Paul Davis, we believe our customers value these four things:

  1. Top quality and sound workmanship.
  2. To be listened to and receive honest answers to their questions and realistic scheduling for the work we do. If we say we’ll be there Tuesday at 8 am, it’s unsatisfactory to arrive at noon. To them, our word is our bond. It’s about truthfulness, but it’s also about consistency.
  3. To know that we care as much about their home or business as they do. That means quickly mitigating their problem and restoring their property to its pre-loss condition.
  4. To have an honest and long-term relationship, not a fleeting ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ mentality.

As we work on the customer’s property, they want to know about the people who are performing the work, what we’re doing, why, and how that benefits them. For Paul Davis to measure up to these standards, customers need reassurance that the choice they made to allow us to work in their home or business was a wise one. The way they get that reassurance depends on every person throughout their journey. That’s why Paul Davis lives by our company motto, This is No Time for Second BestTM.