Craig Wilson is a Reconstruction Project Manager with Paul Davis of Greater Baltimore, Maryland. He frequently helms large reconstruction jobs that tally more than a million dollars USD in damages inflicted by fire, floods, wind, storms and mould. As a supervisor, he firmly believes in “leading from the front”: grabbing his tool belt and pitching in alongside his teams and technicians no matter the conditions or time of day. 

With 30 years in this industry, Wilson possesses top-notch technical, people and organizational skills. He’s a catch for any restoration contractor. But Wilson chose Paul Davis as his work home for a range of thoughtful reasons and has never looked back. We talked with him about his work, the culture, his colleagues and what this Difference Maker sees in his future. 

PD: Why did you join Paul Davis? 

CW: I first noticed the Paul Davis Mission statement – “To provide opportunities for great people to deliver Best in Class results” – in the conference room when I interviewed for a job with the owner, Allen Owens, and the president, Vaughn Rocco. I was very impressed and knew I was dealing with a professional firm who knows what they are doing and how to serve their customers. I think it’s important to have the statement posted in several locations in your office as we do for all employees to read and practise in their daily routines. This truly influenced my decision to work for Paul Davis and I’m so glad I joined the team.

PD: What do you like about working with the company?

CW: I’m excited every day. I’m ready for that 3 a.m. phone call, awake in five minutes, in the truck in ten minutes and at the site in under an hour. Whatever needs doing, I’m there for it, ready to go, ready to see my team’s and my customer’s excitement at setting and accomplishing important goals. 

I’ve been employed by several other restoration contractors and Paul Davis is by far the best at recognizing employees. From management through the newest hire, people appreciate each other out loud and often. This team is the best I’ve ever worked with. We gelled, we bonded, it really seems like everything we do together turns to gold in this awesome work environment. 

PD: What do you tell prospective team members who are considering working for Paul Davis? 

CW: Anyone looking for a great opportunity to serve the public in their time of need should apply to Paul Davis. The sky’s the limit here. I have seen many employees in our organization advance their careers to the next level and beyond. If you are a hard worker who takes pride in what you do you will achieve greatness with this organization. I attended the annual Paul Davis Conference at Amelia Island this year. This is where all the franchises across the country gather to celebrate their employees’ achievements throughout the prior year. Everybody was so friendly and helpful, and it just felt like one complete big team. If you want to change your life for the better, you should apply to Paul Davis today. 

PD: When you look to your future at the company, what do you see?

CW: I plan on finishing my career with Paul Davis of Greater Baltimore. Our team is full of unique people who work well together under extreme circumstances, picking each other up when needed and pushing forward to the finish line. I’m excited to see what other achievements my team will accomplish together this year and beyond. 
Are you a Difference Maker with a strong drive to help other people on the job and in your daily life? We invite you to grow with our company. Contact us today to learn more about how a career with Paul Davis can fulfill your professional and personal goals while making the world a better place.