Why Transparency Significantly Eases Commercial Business Owner Distress Following Fire or Flood Damage

Business owners are usually in control of employees, inventory, schedules, decisions, budgets. That vanishes the moment disaster strikes. “They suddenly feel powerless. That’s an intensely uncomfortable emotion for proactive, motivated people to handle,” says Scott Hill, Director of Reconstruction Production, Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Southeast Wisconsin. “We emphasize exceptional communications and service because they return a sense of control to customers.”

Industry statistics underscore the importance of exceptional customer service: 

  • Seventy percent of a customer’s overall “journey” with a company rests on how well they feel they are treated.
  • Nine of ten consumers report that customer service is a significant factor in deciding to do business with a company.
  • Six of ten consumers will stop doing business with a company that has bad customer service. 

Customer service isn’t just good for customers, either. Research estimates that finding new customers costs companies between five and twenty-five times more than retaining existing customers.

Hill listed the essential elements of good customer service that Paul Davis endeavours to provide:

Speed: Paul Davis promises to arrive onsite within four hours of a call for help. Further, the company has honed its partnerships and channels with suppliers, emergency personnel, governmental officials and insurance companies to speed mitigation, restoration and project completion. Paul Davis has also invested substantially in technology – software, equipment, tools like drones, overall technical innovation – that speed project progress.

Communication: Team members strive to be clear, transparent, accessible and timely when communicating with owners. They tailor communications to each owner’s preferences. “Some owners want a very detailed weekly update, some want to hear from us daily with brief reports,” Hill notes. “We provide the frequency and content they need.” Technology supports this customer service essential as well. Document sharing apps, computerized mapping, teleconferencing and more enable Paul Davis to communicate easily from initial contact beyond project completion. 

Knowledge/Accuracy: Customers need to know that the company they hired has the skills, expertise, equipment, personnel and organization to complete a job accurately with the right materials. Paul Davis thoroughly trains its employees and provides regular continuing product/process education. The company also vets partner companies very carefully to ensure their work meets stringent standards.

Employee skill/initiative: At Paul Davis, each employee understands they embody the Paul Davis ethos and commitment at all times. They are empowered to make decisions and adjust services to achieve complete customer satisfaction with Paul Davis services. Further, the company hires carefully for dedication, empathy, communications skills and friendly demeanour. 

“We are helping people navigate some of the hardest times of their lives,” Hill summarizes. “It’s very, very important to every person at Paul Davis that customers feel safe, cared for, hopeful and understood on that journey.”

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