Springtime and the even warmer summer months bring subterranean termite colonies nearer to our view, when they swarm and cause consternation for both home and business owners. But termites are, in fact, active year-round. They’re survivors and have roamed Earth for over 250 million years, so they will likely be with us forever. Cooler climates and winter weather drive them further underground for the warmth they need to survive, but out of sight is not out of mind. Areas around foundations that are heated in winter months can provide them with comfortable accommodations.

Because they infest homes from the ground level, it is relatively easy to prevent subterranean termite infestations. The most common control measures for subterranean termite infestations are direct applications of termiticides to the soil and damaged wood. Placing bait stations around the property attracts termites, who receive a dose of slow-acting materials and return to their colony to infect other termites. Making a home or business less hospitable to termites happens when you reduce moisture sources and wood-to-ground contact. By limiting entry points and water sources, the property is less likely to attract termites who are looking for dinner.

Termite control is best left to specialists who can identify the type of infestation and correctly specify the remedies that will work best. After remedies are made, either aesthetic or structural restoration is typically required. For both residential and commercial reconstruction, Paul Davis is an ideal choice. Paul Davis can assess structural damage, provide repair alternatives for consideration, and complete work necessary to meet all state licensing and insurance requirements. Count on the fully qualified professionals of Paul Davis to provide needed reconstruction services, all at an affordable cost.