Wise Questions Help Identify the Best Restoration Company

When a toilet overflowed in a third-floor apartment at a large complex, the flood was surprisingly destructive because nobody was home to report the problem. As angry residents streamed past complaining about wet belongings and buckling wallboard, the property manager began searching for help immediately – no waiting until morning to tackle this watery disaster. 

Fortunately this property manager had her list of probing questions already on-hand to help identify her preferred restoration contractor. By asking the right questions, she’d be sure to find a qualified, trustworthy company that could send a capable team and hopefully, pronto. Here’s an all-important list that will lead straight to reliable, professional help should you be faced with an emergency like hers:

Is your company local? Make sure the answer is yes. Local contractors arrive sooner, know reputable subcontractors in the area and are well-versed in local regulations governing mitigation and restoration work. 

What credentials do your company and technicians have? The contractor should be licenced, insured and certified to perform the specific mitigation tasks in that municipality. Further, the company should assign technicians who are certified and properly trained. Reputable companies proactively show customers this documentation.

What references can you provide? Top contractors proudly provide enthusiastic references for work that’s taken place locally and recently.

How soon can you get there? Good contractors arrive within a few hours with the personnel and equipment to start immediately.

Can you work with your insurance company? Often, insurance companies supply a list of trusted mitigation contractors capable of addressing the specific event. Top contractors are skilled at working with carriers to satisfy their claims requirements.

How long do I have to decide? If the company pressures for a commitment immediately, move on. Reputable contractors encourage due diligence.

How will you keep me informed? “Contractors at the top of their game excel at keeping customers in the loop and coordinating among all parties involved,” says Patrick Matthew, Vice President, Quality Assurance & Catastrophe for Paul Davis. “If you’re not immediately satisfied with their communication style from your first phone call, look for a better company.”

Paul Davis encourages anyone responsible for the selection of mitigation and restoration services to choose wisely. Local and credentialed, Paul Davis locations willingly offer enthusiastic references and provide comprehensive documentation. They arrive within four hours of the first call, ready to get to work with a trained team. They appoint a central contact who fields all questions as work moves forward and organize all parties to work toward timely completion. Further, Paul Davis staff is skilled at working with the insurance company to secure satisfaction for policy holders.

Plan in advance of a disaster to choose wisely? Print and save this Paul Davis List of Wise Questions you should be asking.